DTCC Eligibility Service


The Community Bank & Wealth Management Group at D.A. Davidson is pleased to provide our exclusive DTCC Issuer Eligibility Program.  This program which is specifically reserved for Financial Institutions where D.A. Davidson either makes a market in their stock or has an existing relationship.  DTCC Eligibility provides an issuer with greater securities movement of their shares from a physical state to electronic.  This change will allow for the issuer's securities to transfer in a timely manner while effectively decreasing transfer costs by reducing the need for a vast majority of their paper certificates.   


  • This service is provided exclusively for Financial Institutions where D.A. Davidson makes a market or has an existing relationship.
  • Cost for the application process is very competitive due to the exclusive nature of the D.A. Davidson DTCC Eligibility Program.
  • Typical turnaround is 4-6 weeks for full DTCC eligibility.
  • DTCC eligibility provides improved functionality involving the transfer of your securities which further improves efficiency and reduces cost.


For more information regarding DTCC click HERE.


For more information on D.A. Davidson's DTC Eligibility Program, contact Michael Natzic at 1-800-288-2811 or by clicking HERE.